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I’ve always been intrigued by digital photography in my life because the images that people take are just simply stunning. The power of an image can transcend far beyond our imagination. Ever since I landed in New York in 2008, I was fascinated by the city’s iconic skyline and architecture. For a while, all I ever wanted to do is photography until reality hit and I realized the hobby I love doesn’t pay the bills. I chose the computer-networking world instead. Started as a hard believer and loyal practitioner of HDR. There have been a few style changes in my processing techniques since then. You will no longer find the Harry Potter style grungy HDR’s I started with in the early days of HDR (2008ish). What you will find today are rich in color, deep in depth, yet naturally saturated cityscape images. You will also find the perspectives and vantages are somewhat unique in my photos, they do not come easy and there are plenty of people to thank for that. If you do like the bolded HDR images you can certainly visit my Flickr to see some of my older work. Besides my little story, I am a Getty Images contributor with well over 1000+ stock images listed for licensing. Over the years I’ve worked directly with galleries, magazines, production companies, publishing giants over ad campaigns, event coverage and other licensing work.

Tony Shi

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